Lbi living

Lbi living stands for long beach island living and they are realtors. Live where you love, love where you live is their tagline and they look to connect their customers to their dream homes.


The task was to come up with a logo. They wanted to communicate luxury and they also wanted to communicate that they are professionals. They also loved the light house located in long beach island and asked that it be in the logo somehow.


Luxury was handled by the colour choice and the font chosen was a serif typeface which easily shows seriousness and can be used to show that they are professionals and if you look closely you will see that the "i" also serves as the light house.


Client: Lbi living
Agency: Jivesmedia
Direction and design: Brandingbymel

lbi full logo Lbi_living_logo_breakdown  lbi logo for different applications lbi symbol lbi symbol in black and white lbi cap mockup lbi wall mockup