Hawt is a family owned hot sauce producing company. Their hot sauce is made with the best ingredients and will leave you craving for more.


The task was to create a logo and packaging design that would look vintage.The target audience location consists mostly of french speakers and the challenge was for the label to appeal to both french and english speakers.


Texture was used for a vintage feel. I had a somewhat crazy idea for this one. I wanted to combine old english text and a script typeface. The result? not bad, not bad at all. For the logo, i combined the H with a chilli pepper with some flames around it. I wanted anyone picking up the bottle to focus on what the product is and if the person did not understand, the text below telling them to turn back which is why i made it as minimal as possible.

hawt logo hawt logo grid hawt full logo hawt full logo texture hawt business card hot sauce packaging design hot sauce packaging design gif