A Nigerian airline whose foundation is built on job creation and customer relationship.


To design a logo that communicates their mission, vision and local content.


The main keywords gotten were air, safety, travel, people, location, expansion and wellbeing. After mindmapping, here is what i was able to come up with. The negative space is used to communicate air. A location symbol combined with an A is used to communicate location. Travel refers to movement from one place to another and that is why i chose to represent that with the 3 lines created by the negative space. The typeface is a bold one and this is used to represent expansion. If you look closely, you will see the symbol of a person which i used to represent people. Wellbeing and security are represented by the rectangular shape that encloses the symbol and wordmark.

airplane_in_air air_peace_full_logo air_peace_full_logo_b&w air_peace_logo_4_diff_applications air_peace_logo_breakdown air_peace_full_logo1 air_peace_full_logo2 Air_peace_boarding_pass Air_peace_boarding_pass2 Air_peace_boarding_pass3 air_peace_letter_head plane_in_terminal airport_application2 air_peace_ad